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Sacramento, CA-Dennis Gates‘ Conservatism goes national this week. Stone-faced in Sacramento over the first three days of the opening round of the NCAA tournament, the complete lack of response has been a topic of conversation in Sacramento.

On Friday afternoon, Gates broke character while meeting with reporters ahead of the biggest game of his still-young head coaching career. He laughed. many times. No really, he did.

His players did the same. nick honor told a joke about the meme deandre gholston Which is engaged in his apartment. aden shaw The first tried to sit on the spot on the podium reserved for Gates, and Gholston remarked about not being used to a new man. Shaw retorted, “I just wanted to sit with my teammates. Guess I can’t sit next to Dree.”

As the Tigers get ready to play the biggest game of their lives, it’s hard to tell if they’re preparing for the program’s first shot at the Sweet 16 in fourteen years or if they’re just getting ready for Tuesday’s practice. It’s November Gates just likes it that way.

“They do a great job of keeping it light,” he said. “Our staff does a great job because we know how to make fun of those guys.”

Gates said this has been happening since the Tigers first got together last summer. They just got along. And they did the work of walking together.

Honor said, “I would say before you can win on the court, you have to win off the court.” “He always tells us this is for life, so he’s not just a basketball coach, he’s there for all of us out on the court so much every time, whatever we need. We can talk to him about anything.” Are.”

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Gates hugs Kobe Brown on Senior Day
Gates hugs Kobe Brown on Senior Day (Megan Fox)

presence of sports psychologist Joe Carr He has played a role in that. Gates and the players talked about how he has helped them this season. Carr was sitting in the third row when Gates addressed the media. None of this is accidental, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing.

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“Shout out to Dr. Carr, man,” Gholston said. “He rules.”

If there are any jitters in any of the Missouri players, they certainly aren’t showing on the outside.

It may not seem like a big deal, but Missouri hasn’t often shown that face in public. Not that they’ve appeared agile, but they’ve never looked cool This Loose. In front of the media, it’s almost all business almost all the time. All players’ press conferences are seated on a podium next to the gates and often seem scripted. You hear rumors of Gates commanding a room and showing off his personality, but this side of things — the side decidedly removed from the locker room and day-to-day conversation — is either a needle in a haystack or a haystack. Gold at the end of the rainbow. It may very well exist, but you’ve never seen it.

That players see a different side of a coach than the media or the public do is hardly unique. And whatever Gates has done behind closed doors has certainly worked for this Missouri team. It’s not about second-guessing his public persona or any buttons he has with his team. What Gates has brought to this Missouri team is clearly just what it needed. Friday was revelatory only in the fact that it was the first time any of us didn’t wear a jersey or work for Gates.

What does Gates remember about his experiences as a player in the NCAA tournament? “It was a long time ago. I don’t remember that much.”


how important it is to have a memory lapse in March like when kobe ​​brown Turned the ball over to the three that gave Utah State the second half lead? “He was not kobe ​​brownFirst business of

more laughter

maybe who is this dennis gates actually it is. Maybe the players have been like this all year. Perhaps this is the chemistry they have talked about time and again. But chemistry is a mythical thing that is impossible to calculate if you are on this side of it. If you don’t see them every day, you wonder if it’s just talk. Does chemistry create success or does success create chemistry? At this point, it doesn’t really matter. Missouri has both.

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Trey Gomillion holds up Gates during an early season game
Trey Gomillion holds down Gates during an early season game (Megan Fox)

Shaw said, “I feel like I have a connection with all of my teammates.” This will be a relationship of a lifetime because of Coach Dennis Gates and all the ideologies he believes in.

“Sometimes you ask, ‘What happened behind the scenes to get your team where they are, Coach Gates?’ I think it’s easy to figure out,” Gates said. “They have fun with each other. They finally have fun playing basketball with each other.

“It’s how they’ve been since June.”

It seems that jokes are a staple. Smile. Laughter.

Gates said, “On the bus, they’ll introduce me as T.” “It means they’re listening. It means just that. It doesn’t mean they’re just joking. It means they’re really listening because they have the means to turn it into a joke, There is a way to deepen your faith.

A Dennis Gates impression? One that goes beyond standing on the sidelines, arms crossed, cosmic calm in the eyes of the March madness storm? Will we ever see it? Is that the final frontier?

“You’ll probably have to tune in to Sternberg Scoop and find out from Ben Trey Gomillion Or dree gholston Or Sean East done,” jokes Gates. “I’m sure it’s on film somewhere. I’m optimistic.”

He laughed again. So does the rest of the room.

Who is this man?

Obviously, what his players have known for the past nine months. The one who guided them, the one who allowed them to be themselves, the one who brought out the best in them. That led them to 25 wins and a return to the NCAA tournament and is playing a game on Saturday at 3:10 p.m. at the Golden 1 Center that will allow them to be one of college basketball’s final sixteen teams still in play for the first time since 2009. Standing up And what makes him act like this is that it’s just another game, just another press conference, just another day in the season, not the eve of the biggest day of his basketball life.

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“When you have the right people at the right time in the locker room, it’s a special place,” Gates said. “You get to make special memories.”

Sweet ones, even, maybe.

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