How ‘Party Down’ pulled off that hilarious ‘Big Lebowski’-inspired episode

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The Party Down cast in an episode of the Starz revival series.  (Photo: Courtesy Starz)

party down Was cast in an episode of the Starz revival series. (Photo: Courtesy Starz)

Talk about a party. Episode 4 of Starz’s party down Revival lives with A big lebowski-inspired half hour that is not only one of the best episodes in the show’s history, but also one of the funniest stoner comedies since the show’s glory days. half cooked And Smiley face, ,lebowski was definitely on my mind,” the episode’s director — and party down Cast member Ken Marino confirmed to Yahoo Entertainment when compared to the 1998 Coen Brothers favorite. “He’s spot on.”

In “KSGY-95 Prizewinner’s Luau”, everyone’s favorite catered waiters are hired to provide drinks and pass out hors d’oeuvres at a very special luau hosted by a local radio station that serves VIPs. Busing the guests to the Sting concert. Behind the scenes, Henry (Adam Scott) and his girlfriend, Evie (Jennifer Garner), decide to throw their own party, courtesy of some magic mushrooms, and the rest of the Party Down crew — minus Marino’s straight-edged boss. , Ron – joins in the fun.

But as soon as the mushroom takes hold, their respective sentiments threaten to split in two. Soon, resident chef Lucy (Zoe Chao) is making appetizers out of wood pulp; Aspiring influencer Saxon (Tyrrell Jackson Williams) goes missing during a livestream of his debut tour; And Henry and Evie are making like duds as they try to solve the mystery of where he’s gone. Meanwhile, the group’s resident science-loving cynic Roman (Martin Starr)—whose paranoia streak is fueled by Philip K. As big as her love for dick – discovers that the luau is In fact A police sting operation is designed to trap deadbeat dads who have defaulted on alimony payments.

Clearly, there’s a lot going on in this episode, but Marino and the cast really tie the room together by playing up the drug humor big… but no. Very Big. “The goal of shooting something like this is to try to be as real as possible,” explains the director. “Don’t be too funny with it, be as specific as you can.”

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Scott Marino discusses how he played a thoroughly stoned Henry. “It’s always challenging if you have to be drunk or stoned, because you don’t want it to be fake.” parks and Recreation Fan favorites reveal. “We’ve all seen a fake version of every different type of addict. I’ve always found the more specific the better, so that’s where I usually start. And since we were all doing it, it was really fun.” Tha just hold hands and jump off that cliff together.”

According to party down The specifics of the “KSGY-95 Prizewinners Luau” from showrunner, Jon Enbom, changed significantly during the production of season 3. Lizzy Caplan is prominently featured as Henry’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Casey Klein – a major character from the first two seasons who does not return in the third. (Caplan intended to be a part of the revival, but production conflicts with other shows caused him to bow out. That’s when Garner was enlisted to make her rom-com return as Henry’s new love interest.) I went.)

“Once we realized this was no longer a Lizzie episode, we had to rethink what we were doing,” Enbom continues. “We had the idea that they’re in this beautiful place and it’s a boring job, so they’ll try to eat mushrooms. That’s where we started, and everything else was stuff that we brought [later],

Adam Scott and Jennifer Garner in Season 3 of Party Down.  (Photo: Colleen Hayes/Starz)

Adam Scott and Jennifer Garner in Season 3 party down, (Photo: Colleen Hayes/Starz)

like every episode of party down — which always relied heavily on improvisation — the cast had plenty of leeway in deciding how their characters would behave during their respective journeys. “I was given amazing freedom,” says Williams, who wasn’t a part of the show’s first season. “I was really excited about it, because her experience Therefore Intense and negative. Ken told me, ‘You can go as far as you want, and if we need to dial it back, we’ll dial it back.'”

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And a lot of Saxon outtakes hit the cutting room floor, mainly due to time constraints. “During the livestream audio where Saxon is babbling incoherently, there are multiple takes where Ken said, ‘I’m going to drop the mic, just say whatever,'” the actor recalls. “It was so silly some of the things coming out of my mouth! But it was so funny; I hope some of them see the light of day.”

Chao – who is also making it party down earlier this year — says Williams’ mushroom-enhanced performance became the gold standard that other performers had to live up to. “We shot our stuff after we shot our stuff, and Ken was like, ‘You guys will have to See Tyrell on ‘Showroom,'” laughs actress. And I was like, ‘S***, Tyrell is knocking it out of the park! Now I have to do it too.'” Luckily, she was able to craft her own version of Lucy’s journey.

“I was really stressed because I joined the show in Season 3, and I didn’t want to mess up,” she explains. “And I was doubly scared with this episode, because you’re finding out a new character, and then you’re also finding out what that character is like when they’re high. That’s what guided me the whole season.” He was my support, so I was like, ‘The answers are here!’ It’s fun to watch Lucy not be in an angry, resentful place, but transformed into this blissful, creative place and just going for it.

Another scene that didn’t make the final cut is Roman’s reaction when he learns that his car has been stolen by one of the deadbeat dads. Needless to say, he is not that happy. “When we were shooting it, I was like ‘Here’s my car,’ and then I pretended to sit in it and drive it, but it wasn’t there. It was just me moving around. It’s a quality Was like – where’s the blooper reel?”

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Naturally, someone had to stay sober while the episode was being shot, and that responsibility fell squarely on Marino and Enbom’s shoulders. “I spent a lot of time in my trailer while everyone else was having a blast running around this park in Malibu,” says the showrunner. “I’ll show up and they’ll say, ‘We’re having a great time!’

For his part, Marino calls the episode “hazy”, but not because of any substance he imbibed while directing. “We were moving so fast, and I was involved in every moment of it,” he recalls. As for how he stayed in character — and kept a straight face — while watching the rest of the cast lose their minds, he indicated that he channeled his inner Walter Sobchak. “When someone is playing an altered version of themselves, it’s fun to just sit, watch and react. You react differently depending on what they’re giving you.” It’s just his opinion, man.

party down Airs Fridays at 10 p.m. on Starz.