CJ Gardner-Johnson will be available

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Our Top-10 Free Agents Include a pair of players who are available to everyone who wants to chase them. For quarterback Lamar Jackson, a pair of first-round draft picks would be compensation if he signs an offer sheet that the Ravens don’t match. For another, safety CJ Gardner-Johnson, he is free and clear without any restrictions or compensation.

There has been cricket this week about Gardner-Johnson. Usually, this is a sign that the player wants more than they will pay.

As a league source put it Saturday morning, whoever remains available at this point is monitoring the market.

Five days after the market essentially opens, it is also a sign that the big money is unlikely to happen. Teams exhaust their budgets fairly quickly, rarely keeping money for a player who wanted more than was attracted at the beginning of the process.

The situation points to a possible one-year deal for Gardner-Johnson, allowing him to be on the market again next year, in another attempt to cash in on a multi-year contract.

A player with a nose for the ball, Gardner-Johnson had six interceptions (tied for the league lead) in 12 games last season.

A return to Eagles is possible. Given that new coach the Broncos may also be interested sean payton Worked out for the Saints when Gardner-Johnson reached through the fourth round of the draft.

However it plays, someone must be getting a very good player. He might not get the good contract he was hoping for.

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