Charles Barkley tells a ridiculously ridiculous uniform-washing story

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Charles Barkley tells a ridiculously ridiculous uniform-washing story originally appeared nbc sports philadelphia

Charles Barkley took Friday’s coverage of the 2023 Men’s NCAA Tournament on a hilariously ridiculous tangent like only Charles Barkley would.

The Basketball Hall of Famer first gave a shout-out to the behind-the-scenes staff of college basketball programs, such as equipment managers. But then, in an effort to provide some perspective, Barkley told a story that left his fellow March Madness analysts in utter disbelief.

number 5 pick The 76ers said in 1984 that during his early NBA playing days, he sometimes showered while still wearing his uniform — yes, you read that right.

Why would Barkley bathe in uniform? Well, he claimed that since the teams flew commercially on the road, there was no time to wash the uniforms the traditional way between the end of the game and the flight the next morning.

Kenny “The Jet” Smith and Clark Kellogg, who both played in the NBA, couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

Smith said, “There’s never been an era where you’ve done that.” “You’re making it up.”

However, Barkley insisted that he was telling the truth, despite being mocked for his odd method. The amusing exchange reached its climax when Kellogg tried to convince Barclay that he could use the shower to wash off without actually wearing it.

“But it’s easier to do it that way,” replied Barclay.

Never change, Chuck.